Here is a comprehensive list of all of the interviews I have written and posted here in the past, updated every time I post more. Often I review an author's first or latest books and include the interview with it, and I've noted the titles of those books in parentheses The numbers are to note the chronological order.

1. Jordyn Hadden (The Great Historic Mystery)

2. Avarose White (The Emerald of Wishes)

3. Tara Grayce (Lost in Averell)

4. Emily Murray (My Father's Son)

5. Jen Calonita (Misfits)

6. Mary Conley (First Cousins at the Farm)

7. Livy Jarmusch (no specific book)

8. Julia Witmer (A Wilted Willow)

9. Phillip Ulrich (no specific book)

10. Kaley Rhea (no specific book)

11. Christopher Healy (no specific book)

12. Hailey Huntington (no specific book)

13. Kara Swanson (no specific book)

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