How I Review Books

(This comprehensive list is also on my introductory blog post.)

    Hi! If this is your first time here, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to Stepping Stones Book Reviews. I am so excited you've decided to stop by.

    My blog is supposed to be "a guide to good books." In order to be this guide, I look at each book from an impartial perspective, noting any and all things to know before you buy a copy or check it out from the library. I'm not the first, or the last, to check out a book, thinking it'll be interesting or meaningful to me, only to read through and find something I had a problem with, or that the book just wasn't the story that I was looking forward to read. By giving YOU the information you want about each title, you can decide if the book is worth checking out. I've also put down a little of my own thoughts about each book, and if I think it is a good choice. 

    Don't hesitate to contact me (via the comments) if you have any questions or suggestions about how I review books.

    I hope that Stepping Stones Book Reviews will become a helpful resource for bookworms, and families with bookworms.


Every Book Review

Title: The title and subtitles of the book

Author: The pen name or name of the author

Series: Noted if part of a series

Targeted Age Range: The age group/range promoted for the book

Synopsis: A short description of the book, taken from its back cover or Amazon page

Language: Any insults, used language, and mentions of language here—actual swearing is indicated with the first letter, but toned down versions will include all of the word

Violence: Any violence/mentions of violence here

Romance/Sexual Stuff: Any romance in the story/sexual mentions or issues listed here

Spiritual Elements: Any practiced or mentioned religion/spirituality here

Magic: Any practiced or mentioned magic here and how it is used in the story

References: Any references to celebrities/pop culture/books/movies/music/TV shows/other media listed here

Other Issues: Any other things to know listed here

Where To Buy: The main outlets that carry the book, including links to their websites

My Age Range: The age range who I think is ready for this book, with the exception of especially sensitive people

Read Aloud: Is this book better/able to be read aloud, or better read on your own?

My Opinion: What I thought of the book, and my experiences and emotions with the book

Discussion Questions: Only for those that choose to read—here are some questions related to the story that you can think about on your own, or discuss with family members or friends. Occasionally there will be a reference or link to discussion questions created by the author, publisher, or another blogger.


  1. Great post! I like the idea of providing information about the book, as impartially as possible, instead of just giving a Star Rating!

  2. Hi, JadeSky!!!!!!! Thank you so much for including on your website how you review books! I've done one book review on my blog and am looking at doing another. This was very helpful!!! I like how you break down issues in a book to let readers know what might be in it. Thank you so much for this!

    1. Hi, Katherine! Thank YOU for the kind words! I was definitely inspired by the folks who run Plugged In and Common Sense Media. I'll have to check out those book reviews!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It made my day!