Friday, October 30, 2020

A Book Review: The Coronation

     Hey, everyone! This week I'm thrilled to blog about the first in a great-looking trilogy by a young author that has personally inspired me. Lindsey from Books for Christian Girls also reviewed this some time ago, and I used some of the things she mentioned in her review in mine, too. Thanks, Lindsey!

    There may be minor spoilers as I try to give an accurate picture of the book.

    (The discussion questions will have spoilers, since they are supposed to be used after reading the book.)

(Note: Find my Top Ten Tuesday List featuring this book HERE. I also did an interview with the author, which you can find HERE.)

Title: The Coronation

Author: Olivia Lynn Jarmusch

Series: This is the first in a series about the royals of Tarsurella.

Targeted Age Range: 14+

Synopsis: Prince Addison is only several weeks away from inheriting the Kingdom of Tarsurella. The entire Palace is ablaze with excitement, as the Royal Family prepares for the event of a lifetime. Despite the exciting event which is near at hand, Addison and his younger siblings (all seven of them!) must carry on with their daily activities. Addison’s sisters, Princesses Bridget, Chasity, and Hope, have their struggles with being iconic European starlets of a modern day monarchy. The teen heiresses grace magazine covers, smile for photoshoots, and gracefully glide through important interviews–until a certain American popstar arrives on the scene.

Kennetic Energy, the wildly popular band from the United States, is chosen to play at Addison’s Coronation. David Carter, the band’s handsome lead singer, fumbles through awkward moments with Princess Hope–in front of the cameras. When an embarrassing rumor sparks that Princess Hope is dating the young fellow, she is determined to get the band fired from their Royal gig.

Meanwhile, Princess Chasity is dealing with her own fragile affairs of the heart. Her new security guard, Hanson Fletcher, is completely captivating, yet entirely frustrating. She attempts to keep the entrance of her heart firmly protected, while following the wisdom of Proverbs 4:23. But can she be successful in guarding her heart, from her security guard?

Language: A few "oh my gosh"es, "heck"s, as well as mentions of swearing and forms of "stupid" and "freak". One scary situation is described as "hellish" and "a living hell".

Violence: It's mentioned that the late queen of Tarsurella (Addison's mom) died in childbirth. Near the climax of the story, the palace is broken into by a group of fanatics, who hold all the guests and royals at gunpoint, and for a while it's feared that members of the royal family are dead. One antagonist gets into a fistfight with a main character, and threatens his family and friends. One scene has a security guard shooting a cougar. One troubled boy mentions wanting to shoot his brother. There are also mentions of a minor character going through a childhood with abuse in it.

During one of the darker parts of the story, one of the men with the group breaking into the palace tries to make one of the princesses his wife by force, which may or may not be triggering.

Romance/Sexual Stuff: A main theme of the book deals with romantic relationships. Three of the main characters struggle with their attraction (both hormonal and personality-wise) to another person vs. the restraint they know they should have regarding their feelings as Christians. It's mentioned that one of the characters had a boyfriend and went through a painful breakup with him a year ago. Addison's little sister, misunderstanding her brother's interest in someone, tells that girl he's in love with her. It's mentioned that Addison is being pressured to marry soon.

Spiritual Elements: All of the main characters (excluding two perspectives) are Christians, and strive to live and rule in the way they believe God wants them to. Bible verses and passages, Biblical terms, praying, and God are mentioned.

It's mentioned that the people who break into the Palace are devout Muslims.

Magic: None

References: There are references to the Disney movies High School Musical, The Lion King, Up, and Mulan, as well as the the Lord of the Rings movies, Phineas and Ferb, A Walk to Remember, National Velvet, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Star Wars, The Brady Bunch, Ramona and Beezus, Curious George, Netflix, Pride and Prejudice, The Dating Game, Say Yes to the Dress, Popstar magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, the toy Mr. Potato Head, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison, various expensive brands, and Romeo and Juliet.

Other Issues: At first, Princess Bridget misunderstands another character's intentions toward Addison, and her desire to make Tarsurella a better place. It's mentioned multiple times that the American press seems to paint a different picture of the royals, portraying them as pampered and privileged rather than who they really are. One mention of partying. One scene mentions a young boy running around in his boxers.

Where To Buy: The Coronation is available on Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, Alibris, Book Depository, and Better World Books.

My Age Range: I think kids aged 14 and up would enjoy this book the most.

Read Aloud: I think this book would be better read alone.

My Opinion: Like I mentioned in my Top Ten Tuesday list, a good friend recommended the author's website to me, knowing how much I love writing and reading. After learning more about the series, as well as the author herself, I grabbed a copy of The Coronation. I was not disappointed in my hoping for a good adventure, great characters, and an amazing story.
    This book was wonderful. Like a steaming cup of hot cocoa, it warms you up with its delightful characters, rich theme, and strong faith values. And, continuing this cozy allusion, I'd say this cup had some mini-marshmallows sprinkled in it, too...sweet surprises like snappy dialogue, and an emphasis on family. I, for one, enjoyed sipping this treat and getting to know all of the royals and allies of Tarsurella for who they really were. I'm looking forward to continuing to read through the books as soon as I can get them!
    A main part of why I created this blog was to encourage people to find books that would inspire and uplift them, instead of cause them to stumble or regret wasting hours of their time on one certain story. I believe that this book is one of those good ones. If you want to laugh, see royalty from a different perspective, and dive into a tale that'll stick with you after you've turned the last page, The Coronation is the book to go to.

Discussion Questions:

-This book goes through the heads of many different characters! Which character was your favorite to read about and why? How did seeing more of each person's perspective and personality help you to understand the story better?

-Hope, David, Hanson, and Chastity all struggle with wanting to pursue romantic relationships. How did the way Hope and Chastity handle these issues reflect their personal beliefs? Do you agree or disagree with how each girl (and guy) acted concerning whoever they were attracted to?

-Addison struggles with the worry that he can't be a good enough king. What advice would you give Addison during the book? Can you pick out any scenes or actions that prove he is a good king?

-The Tarsurella royals are often misrepresented as privileged and snotty in magazines and other media. How does the public's idea of them differ with who they really are as people? Can you learn anything from this book about how real-life celebrities are likely to be portrayed?

-There are two threats to Tarsurella's safety throughout the external, and the other one more ingrained in the Palace. Which threat do you think was more dangerous? Why?

-What Biblical parallels can you draw from The Coronation? What does The Coronation tell you about life and love?

    Thanks for checking out The Coronation with me! I'm thrilled that I am able to blog about this great story and hopefully encourage others to add it to their TBR list.

    Have you read The Coronation? If so, what did you think about it? Have you read a book like this before, or not? I'd love to hear your comments.

    If you have a book or series you'd like reviewed on here, make sure your idea follows my Review Policy guidelines, and let me know about it! I love getting recommendations from readers, authors, and fellow bloggers. (Even if I don't review your book choice on here, there's a good chance that I'll still read it.)

   Next week, look forward for a refreshing aspect on both 2020 and non-2020 hardship...


  1. I need to read this.

    1. I'm glad you liked the recommendation and hope you do! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Heya!!! No, I've never read The Coronation but it sounds exciting! Ooooh, I do a recommendation. I don't know if you've heard of it but you should DEFINITELY read THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer A. Nielsen it's a YA fantasy. (Okay, they're actually trying to change it to a MG fantasy, but I still think it's more YAish.)

    1. Hi, Maggie! Thanks for the recommendation. I have read The False Prince before but have never thought about reviewing it on here...maybe I should! :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I love these types of royalty stories. Thanks for sharing about it. I'm adding it to my wishlist. :D

    1. Yay! I'm glad you did.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Once again, what an AWESOME review!! The story sounds as if Disney just need to snatch it up and make a really great movie that geriatrics like me will watch when my husband is away.

    Great job!

    Elza Reads

    1. Hey! Your comment made me smile. Yes, this would be a great Disney movie!

      Thanks for reading and commenting.