Friday, September 24, 2021

The Bookworm's (Blog) Tag

    Hey, everyone! It's been a while, hasn't it?

    To be honest, a bunch of things, including lack of inspiration, real life, and procrastination, led to me taking an extended break. I'm back now, though, and I'm hoping to start posting regularly again soon!

    I'm dipping my toe back in the blogging world by participating in The Bookworm's Tag, which I saw featured on fellow writer friend E.G. Bella's site last week. I thought this was a perfect way to get back into the habit of typing up my bookish thoughts!

Here's how to participate in the tag:
  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
  • Include the tag graphic in your post (pictured above)
  • Answer the ten questions the blogger asked
  • Nominate between five and ten bloggers
  • Ask your nominees ten book-related questions!
  • Don’t feel bound to these rules
  • (Most importantly) Have fun!
Below are the questions that I answered and asked. Hope you enjoy!

What was the last book you read, and would you recommend it? Why or why not?

The last book I read for fun was Andrew Peterson's On The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, which is the first Wingfeather Saga book. I enjoyed it and would probably recommend it to readers with similar tastes, but I didn't connect with it enough I'd constantly rave about the story. I am hoping to get into the rest of the series though! 

What's your favorite genre to read?

Fantasy, definitely. I like to joke (okay, more with myself than other people) that fantasy was my first love. I absolutely love learning about new worlds, reading about epic adventures, and finding characters that I relate to, even though we share completely different lives. I'm pretty certain I've read and written more fantasy than anything else!

What's one standalone book you wish had a sequel?

I know I'm forgetting quite a few of my previous book choices here, but I'm going with Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I absolutely loved Rebecca and her story when I first read it, and was pretty disappointed in the ending. I remember having a hard time understanding how the character could choose what she did, and struggled to imagine her becoming happy and content in the aftermath of the last scene. Even if I didn't agree with the sequel, it would've been nicer for her to have a fully done ending! 

What's one series you wish had been left as a standalone?

The Michael Vey books. I started out raving about the series on here and my Goodreads reviews, but overall I felt myself growing dissatisfied and disappointed by the end, so much that I've been wondering if adapting the series into TV show format would have had better storytelling. Despite my negative feelings about the end, I still think the first book was a fantastic start to the series with so much potential. I would love to see it as a standalone!

Do you prefer short chapters or long ones?

It can depend on how invested I am in the book, but usually I prefer chapters on the shorter side. 4-7 pages is usually a good length for me.

Which book have you reread the most?

Hmm...I'm not sure! Maybe it's just me, but I don't usually reread books. I read books, and then I skip to all the parts I like because I've read the book already. ;)

One book I HAVE read all the way through (three times!) is Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis's The Map To Everywhere. I fell in love with everything about it, and have continued to enjoy it every time I've come back.

What's the first book you remember reading?

Ooh, this is another hard one. I'm honestly not sure! One of the books I remember reading over and over again as a kid, though, is "Ballerina Dreams", which has such an inspiring message!

What time of day do you prefer to read?

It doesn't matter to me! Usually I read whenever I'm free. When I'm really invested in a book, I read whenever I can get away with it. 

Which character(s) do you relate to the most?

I don't really have a relating "type". Kindness, insecurity, awkward/sarcastic humor,  compassion, love, impulsiveness, and determination are all examples of things that I relate to. I think that a huge part also depends on the person's past and character growth.

What plot twist did you never see coming?

All the unreliable narrator books always have me reeling! Both Operation Grendel and The False Prince both come to mind. Basically all of the stories written by geniuses who are experts at diverting you from the truth about the story's events and identities.

Here are my questions for the challenge!

  1. What book would you recommend to a random stranger (just because you love it so much)? Why?
  2. What makes you want to keep reading a book?
  3. Do you have a favorite line from a book? If so, what is it and where is it from?
  4. What's your LEAST favorite genre? Why?
  5. Do you read the acknowledgements in books? 
  6. How much do you know about your favorite authors?
  7. What makes you admire a character?
  8. What's the most life-changing thing you've learned from a book?
  9. What's one GOOD thing about movies based off of books? (This is super hard, I know ;) )
  10. Are there any books you wish you hadn't read? 

Today I'm tagging:

    Thanks for reading my answers to this blog tag!

    What about you? What would your answers be to the questions? Don't hesitate to send a comment sharing your thoughts: I would love to hear from you!

    My scheduling for this blog is going to be a bit slow, due to more life stuff. If all goes well I'll have another post up around two weeks from now. Thanks for being patient everyone!


  1. Thank you for tagging me, Jadesky!! This looks like such a fun tag! :D

    I love your responses!! Yess, The False Prince was one that I never saw coming, either!!! That's part of why I loved it--because it actually surprised me with the plot twist!! ;) And I agree with you--shorter chapters are usually easier for me to read, too. :)

    1. Hey Allie! It's always awesome to hear from you.

      Awww, thank you so much! <3 Exactly XD Have you read any of the other books in the series? I'm on the second but haven't read very far yet. Nice!

      Hope you're doing well! Thanks for visiting.